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Arts Sanctuary Wedding

The day began in chaos - from an unexpected ER visit to a misplaced wedding band. It was all hands on deck to put the finishing touches on Amy and John's wedding day. Now as the ceremony was about to begin, the chaos melted into the past. Only the elegant double doors of the Art Sanctuary separated Amy from the others. In her stunning white dress (that had pockets!!), she waited eagerly as the day slowed down and she took in the moment. Her guests and her groom were inside the great hall waiting for her entrance. Slowly, the doors opened revealing Amy. She and John made eye contact and they both broke into smiles. This was what the day was all about.

Amy and John had a beautiful wedding. Though it was a very stormy day, no one let it dampen their spirits. Family and friends came to celebrate. We heard heartfelt toasts from those they were closest to about how they had found their soulmates in each other. The evening was spent with many laughs and lots of dancing.

Amy and John, thank you for trusting us to be your wedding photographers. We enjoyed getting to know you both individually and as a couple. We wish you and your families all the best for your future as you begin this new chapter in your lives. From the looks of it, you guys are having an amazing time honeymooning out west on your motorcycles :)

Check our your sneak peek below.


Creative Team

Venue: Art Sanctuary

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