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Colorful Spring Engagement at Indiana University

We believe that the engagement portrait sessions are essential to the wedding photography experience we provide. So much so, that we include them as a gift with all of our wedding bookings. Not only do we get to practice the same posing system we use on wedding days with the couple, but we get to know our clients so much better!

Meet Jamie and Kameron. We haven’t known each other long, but we already feel like friends! Over the course of an hour, we learned all about some of the most exciting moments of their relationship. One of the things we love hearing about from our couples is the story of how they got engaged. Kameron, who is hilarious, described his multiple attempts to propose to Jamie.

The first attempt was meant to be the most romantic. He described how he had planned a hike to a beautiful waterfall where they would have a picnic. The ring would be on their dog’s collar and once they got everything set up, he would propose. Or at least, that was the plan. It turned out Jamie was sick that day and they couldn’t go.

The second attempt was a little more Friends-esque; think Mike’s attempt to propose to Phoebe at a Knicks game. Kameron was going to propose at a baseball game instead, but someone else proposed to their significant other on the big screen. Jamie commented how she would never want to be proposed to on camera. And so, the ring stayed in his pocket.

But of course, the third time's the charm. Kameron proposed a home, the place where their relationship grew. Even though it was the third attempt, Jamie was swept off her feet in surprise. She said yes, and here they are now, engaged with a wedding in less than a month.

Jamie and Kameron, thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers. We can’t wait to see you again on the big day. We can only imagine how beautiful everything will be at one of our favorite wedding venues, The Barn at Timber Ridge.


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