• Grace

Date night at The Tap!

Kev and I make it a goal to go on a date night for every wedding we book. We believe it strengthens our relationship and it's a nice reward for all of our hard work! We booked TWO 2019 weddings yesterday so we celebrated by dressing up (in coordinating colors, of course) and going out on the town!

Our first stop was our all time favorite spot for dinner - The Tap. There is something so special about experience that The Tap offers - from getting carded when you walk in to the vast selection of local brews to the amazing customer service! Our first experience at The Tap was for a Valentine's Date night in 2017 and we've been back about every month since.

Kev and I were feeling adventurous tonight so we did not get our usual Tap Fries (I HIGHLY recommend you get the Tap fries if you haven't been to The Tap before), but because we have eaten more Tap fries than we can count, we opted for the Feisty Feta Spread with pita and naan. I'm a total wimp when it comes to spice so this was a little spicy for me, but holy cow that flavor! I'm no food critic, but I think it had feta, sun dried tomatoes, and some kind of spice? The naan was perfectly soft and warm and the pita was toasted to a thick potato chip like crunchy. We got celery and carrots on the side because we're trying to eat healthier. LOL.

Instead of my usual Brickyard, I got a flight of blackberry Beardliner, Der Pretz-ale Jäwn, Taptoberfest, and Nefarious Nectar. My favorite was definitely the Beardliner, but it only has a 4.0% ABV so I compensated with the Nefarious Nectar which has a 9.2% ABV :) Kevin got Burning Hands, which I recommend you do in small quantities due to the crazy bold flavors of blue basil, Thai chilies, and lemon.

After our celebratory dinner, we headed over to one of our favorite hidden spots for photos. We were originally going to use a tripod, but when I called my friend, Hannah, to borrow her hat and she offered to take our pics, we said heck yes! Hannah, her bf Zach, and their sweet dog, Dezzie, made our session so much fun! Hannah got some amazing pics of us that we cannot wait to fill our home with.

Thanks so much, Hannah! :)