• Grace

Dear Kevin,

Happy Valentine’s Day.

When you woke me up this morning at noon, I knew something was up. You had the suspicious smile that you get when you know you’re about to make me really happy. I rolled out of bed, hair disheveled, sleep lines on my face, and my usual before-coffee frown.

When I saw you sitting at the dining room table, I felt a smile creep over my face. As much as I like to pretend I hate romance and flowers and Valentines Day, you always make February 14th special. Not only did you (and Mimi) make a beautiful breakfast of eggs, veggie sausage, hash browns, and toast, you had flowers, coffee, and a sweet card waiting for me. Even sweeter than that, you had flowers and a card for Mimi and your mom too.

Not only do you spoil me on Valentines Day, you spoil me every day. You have the biggest heart and are always thinking of how to make other people happy. You love me on my good days, but more importantly you love me on my bad days. You are everything I could ask for in a partner.

Thank you for always encouraging communication even when I really don’t want to talk, and always working to be the best version of yourself. Thank you for pushing me to be a better business owner, friend, and life partner. Thank you for loving these crazy kitties nearly as much as I do, and accepting them as your own. Thank you for embarking on this kinda chaotic journey with me. I couldn’t choose anyone more perfect to my life partner.

Here are some of my favorite photos of us over the last three years. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.