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Elegant Spring Wedding at Compass Park

His crisp, navy blue suit stood out against the deep burgundy wall of brick behind him. Small drops of water hit the ground in the courtyard of the Compass Park Event Center with a quiet pitter-patter. All of the morning’s events began to fade into memories -- consumed by the moment. Behind him -- on the other side of the brick wall -- she stood in her soft white gown. It was time for the first look. The first time Scott and Miranda would see each other on a day that will forever be remembered.

Whenever we are with this couple, it always seems to rain. It is an unexplained phenomenon and evidence suggests it will always be this way. That’s O.K. though. Rainy days never seem to get Miranda and Scott down. They are always true to themselves and have amazing senses of humor -- even when they are posing for photos in the rain


Never in our lives as wedding photographers have we encountered such unique food at a wedding. Scott and Miranda had a massive and delicious breakfast bar… for dinner. It was fully loaded with syrup infused waffles, Omelet stations, biscuits and gravy, bacon, and donuts for dessert. I mention this because of how it represents the effort this couple put into their wedding. Of course the day is about them -- as it should be -- but they went above and beyond to make sure their guests all had a good time. Our cameras were nearly taken away by the bride at the end of the night so we would enjoy ourselves! It’s things like this that make us love this couple.

Miranda and Scott, thank you so much for choosing us to serve you on your wedding day! It was seriously awesome. We were so thrilled to be the first vendor you chose as a part of your wedding crew. We’ve been so excited for your wedding for so long, it's hard to believe its over. You two are now husband and wife! We can’t wait to watch you two grow.

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The Creative Team

Venue: Compass Park

Wedding Coordinator: Abby Askew

DJ: Angry Hippie Productions | MC: Justin Montour | Catering: Compass Park Catering | Wedding Dress: David's Bridal | Groom's Attire: Van Heusen

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