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Elegant Summer Wedding in Bloomington, IN

All was well. As they finished their gourmet dinner at their reception, Tom and Meghan were preparing for their big moment -- The first dance. They slowly made their way to the dance floor that was situated in the middle of the room at the Monroe Convention Center. As a gentle and romantic song started to play, they began the age-old tradition. It was a comfort to watch as they gracefully moved in rhythm with the music. All of they guests in attendance were watching intently. As the music died down, and the crowd began to clap, a new and energetic song played. Meghan grinned as Tom ripped off his suit jacket. They began a dance that was so unexpected that no one could help but laugh. It was a dance choreographed by Meghan and Tom themselves, just days before their wedding.

We were struck by Meghan and Tom’s creativity in making their wedding day unique. It was a true reflection of them. Not only did they have their special “Second” dance, but Tom also sang Meghan a little tune after a teary-eyed, heartfelt speech. Before the reception they had gone on a limousine tour through Bloomington to visit places that were special to them. Basically, they went above and beyond in making this wedding a true celebration for themselves, as well as their guests. Props to them for showing so much gumption and character to make it all happen!

Meghan and Tom, we sincerely thank you for allowing us to serve you on your wedding day. You two definitely seem like a perfect match for each other! We cannot wait to see you two grow as husband and wife. Keep up the good sense of humor and the devotion you share for one another and we know you will be golden! Please enjoy the preview of your wedding gallery below!