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Fall Couples Session at the Runcible Spoon

The coffee’s aroma filled the air as it sat in a mug on the patio table outside of the Runcible Spoon. Jordan lifted the mug, forcefully sticking out his little finger to appear classy. This elicited a series of giggles from his wife Sarina who sat across from him. It was clear this had happened before. Likely at this restaurant, enjoying the same coffee.

Sarina and Jordan informed us that the coffee at the Runcible Spoon is some of the best in Bloomington. It’s now their favorite restaurant because of it. So obviously, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity of photographing something so special to their relationship. A couples photography session should capture more than just posed, standard photos. While these are still important, a couples session is also a chance to capture personality and style. A chance to capture what makes a couple happy. It brings depth to the session.

Jordan and Sarina, thank you for working with us to capture your unique session! Your session ideas were fantastic. We know that you put serious thought into making the session yours. Though there was a lot of giggling and posing, you two powered through till the end.

Take a look at some of our favorite photos from your session below!



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