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Fresh 48 - Welcome to the world, Kai.

We met Don and Amanda last year when we had the opportunity to serve them as their wedding photographers. We connected so well that they had us back to photograph their fall family photos a year later. We love to watch our wedding couples grow and we love it even more when we get to photograph their families grow. Just a month ago, Amanda was quite pregnant.

Labor came on fast when Amanda's water broke in the early morning of November 9th. After a few hours of irregular contractions, Amanda went back to bed at 6am. At 7:45 she woke up with stronger contractions. Don took their two-year-old to her grandparents and prepared for their home birth. Not even 2 hours later, Kai was making an appearance. Amanda tried not to push as the midwife hurried over. Just as the midwife arrived, Kai came into the world at 9:30am.

While we're both bummed baby Kai was too fast to photograph, I'm so happy to capture him in his first 48 hours.

Amanda and Don, thank you as always for letting me photograph your family. I love watching your kids grow and I loved hearing about your journey with home birth. I can't wait to see how much Kai and Lyra have grown when we schedule their sibling session in a few months.

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