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Golden Hour Spring Engagement

A small stream trickled beside them over flat mossy rocks. 30 yard upstream was a small waterfall. Jimmy and Katelyn sat on one of the flat rocks admiring the beauty of the scene. Katelyn rested her head on Jimmy’s chest and smiled up at her groom to be. Katelyn’s white floral dress ruffled ever so slightly by a refreshing breeze. The scene looked like something from a fairy tale, with the exception of the nosey little bugs we kept swatting away.

Though Jimmy and Katelyn’s relationship may have had an accidental and growingly common beginning, they are well on there way to a very happy ending. When Jimmy and Katelyn matched on Tinder, Katelyn didn’t think anything of it. Half joking, she invited Jimmy to Bears Ale House one night when she was out with her friends. To her surprise, Jimmy showed up. What started as a swipe blossomed into a love and eventually the decision to being a lifelong commitment to each other. After spending time with Katelyn and Jimmy, we know that they are a pretty adorable pair.

Jimmy is a sheriff’s deputy working to keep us, and our community safe. Katelyn works for the U.S. Forest service, keeping our forests healthy and protecting them from the bad things like wildfires. We couldn’t help but admire these two! They provide such an important service, and we are fortunate to get to know them. We can honestly say that we’ve never served a sheriff’s deputy OR an employee of our Forest Service.

Katelyn and Jimmy, thank you for choosing us to be your wedding photographers. We love getting to know you two a little more every time we meet. We know you two are busy people doing some amazing work, so it’s nice to see you two take a moment to relax in front of our lenses! You seriously made our job easy.

We cannot wait to share your full engagement gallery, but for the time being check out your preview below!

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