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Gorgeous Fall Wedding at The Barn at Timber Ridge

The formalities had finished but the party was just getting started. The newlyweds sat at the front of The Barn at Timber Ridge. They were glowing in the warm light coming from the large, rustic chandelier. All eyes were on them as their DJ began to speak. He announced that he would be sharing a story about Zack and Kendra -- their love story. What followed was a special and heartfelt recitation of how the “Fancy Flyboy” Zack fell in love with the bold, beautiful Kendra and vice versa. There were laughs as he mentioned their infamous sushi date that ended in disaster. There were tears as the DJ revealed this was the moment Zack knew he wanted to marry Kendra. Everyone who attended this wedding, including the closest friends and family, got to know this amazing couple just a little bit better.

The day was already special. Kendra and Zack were getting married. Kendra and her three boys -- Bryce, Landon, and Elijah -- were officially adding Zack to their family. All of their friends and family had gathered together for a night to remember. But there was one surprise that made it that much more special to Kendra and Zack. Especially Zack.

The fantastic owners of The Barn at Timber Ridge, Sandi and Mike, teamed up with the DJ, Adam from F.M. Entertainment, to go above and beyond for this couple. Through personal networks and technical know-how, they were able to obtain and play a video message from the legendary Scott Dixon. In this video, Scott himself congratulated Zack and Kendra on their marriage. Zack nearly melted with excitement as he saw the professional racing driver appear on the screen.

Zack and Kendra, thank you so much for allowing us to serve you on your wedding day. It seems like it was yesterday that we were sitting in a Starbucks in Franklin chatting about your shaved wood flowers. Since then, we feel like we’ve had the chance to get to know your family quite well. We still have spider plants that came from James and Mary Jo’s house on the farm! Anyways, we want to congratulate you two on tying the knot. We wish you the best as you begin this new chapter in your lives!

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