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Late Summer Maternity Session at Griffy Lake

Sunlight poured onto the path through the thick canopy of leaves. The old oak trees loomed large on either side making Josie and Riley look small. It could have been a scene from a fairy tale in an enchanted forest. Secluded in this fantastic place, Riley knelt on one knee. He gently kissed Josie’s belly, sending love to the newest addition of their happy little family. Even the birds were joyously singing in celebration of this new life.

There is no way to hide it once you have found “the one”. It’s obvious with every glance, every movement, and every word you speak. We could tell right away that this young couple was madly in love. As they finish up their last year of college at IUPUI, they are already beginning to plan their new life together with their child. This is no easy feat, but Josie and Riley are up for the challenge. Their cheerful attitude and confidence in each other suggest they will thrive as parents and as individuals.

Riley and Josie, thank you for allowing us to serve you as your photographers. We left your session happy and inspired having met you two. We may have only met for a short time, but we know you will both have great success in this life. We say goodbye for now, but we hope to work with you again in the future! In the meantime, continue to work hard in your academic pursuits and keep loving baby Jace.



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