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The GS Photos Studio is Open!

We have reached another huge milestone for our business by renting our very own studio! Before, we were forced to do boudoir sessions inside our two-bedroom apartment. While our cats loved the company, it just wasn't our style to do professional photos where we often walk around in our pajamas.

Working with a local art community, Artisan Alley, we were able to rent a nice little spot in their West Kirkwood location. We are so happy to continue to be involved with this community after they helped us put on our gallery event in May (read more about it here).

Even though the studio has a massive window (a photographer's dream!), it started out a little rough since the room had no interior walls or flooring. We are not carpenters and we have definitely not laid flooring or put up walls, but this didn't stop us! We (sort of) laid down some flooring that was given to us, left some of the walls empty, and then put some awesome brick-styled stickers on one wall to give it some personality.


Take a look at this recent boudoir session with our friend Hannah below so you can see what I mean. I can't wait to start shooting in the studio more often!

Check out our other recent sessions and updates on the GS Photos blog to see what Kevin and I are up to.

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