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  • Grace

Harvey is One!

I felt a familiar comfort wash over me as I turned onto the drive leading to The Barn at Timber Ridge. The barn was lovely as always, decorated with gourds, calico corn, and mums. Inside the barn, Sandi and Mike were hard at work preparing for a wedding that upcoming Saturday. Most of the time when we visit The Barn at Timber Ridge we are there to photograph a wedding. Today was different. Today it was just me and I was photographing their one-year-old grandson Harvey.

As usual, Harvey was far from pleased to see me. Some kids love my camera. Harvey really doesn't. From his newborn photos to his sixth month's photos to his one-year photos, he continues to perfect the "mean mug". Thankfully he thinks it's hilarious when his momma sneezes so with Holly behind me "sneezing", we got some of his sweet smiles that represent his personality when he isn't in front of the camera.

Holly, thank you for always trusting me with Harvey's milestones. Your kid definitely makes me work for it, but it's a fun little challenge for me to try and capture a few of his adorable smiles :)

Check out your sneak peek below.

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