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Hello, Avery Jo.

"Ah!" Avery exclaimed!

"Ah!" 4 grown adults called back to her.

"Ah!" she yelled.

"Ah!" we all yelled back.

Each time we exchanged "Ah"s, AJ's smile grew wider until we were all laughing.

Avery Jo is only 10 months old, but already has loads of personality. She's spunky, giggly, and sweet. She doesn't have a slow crawl and instead opts to speed-crawl everywhere she might need to go - usually into whatever she's not supposed to get getting into. I suspect she's going skip walking and go straight to running. She likes to pull off her bows and roll to her stomach when she's put on her back. And she loves to spill her momma's coffee "every morning".

I don't often get to see Katie and Avery due to the fact that they lived in South Carolina until just a couple of weeks ago. Now they are headed to Kansas and I'm so glad we could coordinate a photo session during their quick pit stop to see Katie's family in Indiana.

Katie, I am in awe of the mother that you have become. Your love for Avery and the bond you have together is incredible. It's been amazing watching you grow from Emily's preschool best friend into a beautiful, responsible, and incredible mother. I can't wait to keep watching your beautiful baby grow.

Enjoy your sneak peek of AJ's 10 month photos below :)

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