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Intimate Summer Wedding at The Cyrus Place

He leaned against the railing of the old staircase as he anxiously waited. All morning as he walked the rooms and corridors of The Cyrus Place, Sean had been peeking around corners and peering into rooms. He was looking to get just one glimpse of his beautiful bride. He had only tried halfheartedly so it was no surprise he wasn’t successful. Now, standing patiently, he was only minutes away from seeing Laura for the first time. A beautiful, curved staircase ascended to a loft directly behind Sean. The soft sound Laura’s footsteps grew closer as she carefully descended the stairs and tapped Sean’s shoulder. As he turned around, his eyes brightened. He was speechless. Laura was stunning in her long veil and white gown. In this moment, everything became real. Laura and Sean were getting married.

We met Sean and Laura at Starbucks last year. As we were talking about how they met, how they got engaged, etc. while I drank a tasty coffee and protein beverage, they began telling us about their wedding plans. They were so excited. Their faces lit up. They kept smiling at each other and then at us as they explained all the details of their venue with verve. So, naturally, we started to get super excited too! Soon we met again for their amazingly perfect snowy engagement session (you should definitely check it out if you haven’t already). During that cold hour at Oliver Winery, we really became familiar with them, especially when we learned the meaning behind Sean’s special hat and incorporated it into their session. We noticed the big hearts that both of them carry. They have so much love for their family and friends.

Laura and Sean, thank you for trusting us to record all of the precious memories of your wedding day. We absolutely loved having you two as clients. Your thoughtfulness and kindness was extended to us just as it was to your friends and family. The day had a couple hiccups, especially the torrential downpour outside, but you two kept smiling. We want you to know we love you guys and we wish you the best in this new journey called marriage!

Take a look at some of our favorite photos from your wedding day below!