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Newfields Garden Engagement Session

I met Taylor approximately 12 years ago when she became my younger sister's best friend. From late night giggles, to days spent playing in the creek, to high school drama, Taylor was there. As Emily's BFF, I heard stories of everything from their funniest times to their saddest times. Each story begin with "So Taylor and I were...". Taylor became a little sister to me.

I remember when Ryan came into the picture as the "Franklin College Football Player." I heard about how amazing he treated Taylor and how perfect they were together. Years later, they still light up at each other.

Flash forward to 2019. They are in Florida. They are walking on the beach when they see a photographer doing a family photography session. 30 seconds later, Ryan drops to his knee.

"Will you marry me?" he asks?

"Yes!!" Taylor exclaims as she energetically kisses him.

Just months later, they have their venue picked out, their photographers picked out (US!), and are excitedly working through the details of the one of the biggest days of their lives - the day they join together in a lifelong commitment.

Taylor and Ryan, THANK YOU for choosing us to be your photographers. I am so blessed to see the woman you've turned into and cannot wait to see the wife you become. We cannot wait to capture your big day :)

Check out your sneak peek below!