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Rainy September Wedding at Whippoorwill Hill

Rain pattered against the roof as Rachel strode up behind Matt on the side porch at Whippoorwill Hill. Her lacey white gown lay behind her covered by her embroidered, cathedral-length veil. She tapped Matt’s shoulder and he squeezed her hand in anticipation. They were giddy as Matt turned around and met Rachel’s eyes. “Oh, hey,” he said softly as he reached for Rachel. They embraced with tears in their eyes and exchanged soft whispers against each other’s ears. As we left them alone, they began dancing slowly to the music that was being practiced by their dear friends - musicians playing string instruments - in the loft of the barn.

From beginning to end, Rachel and Matt’s wedding day was the perfect mix of elegance and goof. We arrived at the venue to a groom-led instructional on the double Windsor and we witnessed a first look soundtracked to string instruments. The entire wedding was beautifully organized, decorated, and catered thanks to Ashley Weddings and Events and Cynthia Moriarty Catering. There was a slight slip of the tongue in the wedding vows that hinted at Matt’s goofiness and the reception featured cutouts of the bride and groom making funny faces. We were welcomed as family and will forever remember how special this wedding was.

Rachel and Matt, thank you for trusting us to photograph your wedding day. It has been a pleasure getting to know you both and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.

Enjoy your sneak peek below: