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Romantic lake engagement in Brown County

We were on the edge of a lake right at sunset in Brown County - a photographer's dream! I had just met Megan and CJ for the first time and, between giggle kisses, they told me their story. And let me tell you, it's a cute one.

Megan and CJ met in the 4th grade and became best friends. Over the years as their friendship grew, the distance between them did too. Megan landed in Texas where she achieved her Masters in PT (CONGRATS, girl) while CJ stayed in Indiana. Flash forward to two years ago when they started dating. They had been friends for almost 15 years and it only took a few months before they got engaged. CJ told me he's been waiting to marry Megan since the 4th grade! (swoon!!) Once Megan graduated, she moved to Indiana to be with CJ. For the first time in their relationship, they are living in the same state. I'm sure they'd agree that life is much more fun when you're with your best friend.

Megan and CJ, thank you for meeting me at that place on the lake where you didn't have cell reception. Thank you for also being patient as I got my photography mojo back after a 5-month hiatus. I can't wait for Kevin to meet you both and for a wedding day filled with rapid-fire kisses.

Enjoy your sneak peek below:


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