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Rustic Fall Wedding at Billie Creek Village

The morning of their wedding had been filled with excitement and nervous energy. Things were just beginning to calm down as Jasmine pulled into Billie Creek Village on her hot pink golf cart. With her vows in hand and her beloved grandfather’s ashes in a pendant that decorated her bouquet, she was ready to see her bride. She carefully positioned herself in the middle of the road that led through the village. Soon she heard the soft sound of footsteps on the gravel slowly coming closer. As Aleisa reached her, she gently tapped Jasmine’s shoulder. Taking a deep breath, collecting herself for this moment, Jasmine turned around. Tears filled her eyes. In this wonderful place set in the past, they were beginning something new.

We learned early on that Jasmine and Aleisa love old things. More correctly, they love things with a history. When we met them, they were bubbling with excitement about their wedding at Billie Creek Village. This living history museum was the perfect place for this couple to host a wedding, showing their personality by making it unique. Now that they are in Italy, they are enjoying ancient archaeological gems far older than anything one could find in Indiana.

Aleisa and Jasmine, thank you so much for allowing us to serve you on such a special day. You have taken us places that no client has taken us before. From the awesome covered bridge outside of Nashville to the historic little village in the covered bridge capital of the world, you two were incredibly fun to work with every step of the way. We are so happy for you two to be married. Judging by the pictures we see on Facebook, you two have had an incredible beginning to your marriage. Keep loving each other with all your heart, and we know you’ll have an amazing marriage forever!

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The Creative Team

Venue: Billie Creek Village

DJ: SG Entertainment

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