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Rustic Summer Wedding at the JLH Wedding Barn

She slowly descended the stairs in the JLH Wedding Barn. The anticipation grew with every step. Across the room, her groom came into view. He was waiting for her. He had not seen her in her wedding dress yet. She reached the main floor of the barn and time seemed to stand still. All heads turned towards her, basking in her beauty. As the chatter in the room ceased, the only sound came from her soft footsteps on dark grey floor. When Nicole finally made it to Dakota, they did things a little differently. Nicole didn’t tap Dakota’s shoulder for him to turn around — they stood back to back. Each of them had an adorable little book in which they had written their vows for each other. Smiles, tears, and all sorts of emotions came from them as they read the carefully written words of their spouse to be.

A love so strong, and so mature, binds this couple. A love that has brought them so much comfort. A love that all began with. . . . donuts! Nicole and Dakota met each other while working at a donut shop. It goes to show, you never know how or when that perfect someone will enter your life. To signify this sweet beginning to their relationship — pun intended — they had a huge display filled with delicious donuts for guests to enjoy. What a fun idea!

Dakota and Nicole, thank you so much for choosing GS Photos for your wedding. Every experience we had with you two was great! After spending that lovely day on campus for your engagement session, we began to know you as people instead of just clients. It made the wedding day so much more fun! You two are absolutely amazing and you are definitely meant for each other. We also love how welcoming your family and friends are. All the hugs we received as we left for the night made us feel like we were a part of your family. We wish you all the best as you begin this new chapter in your lives together as husband and wife!

Check out some of our favorite photos from the day as your wedding preview!



The Creative Team

Venue: JLH Wedding Barn

Coordinator: Lindsey Musgrave from JLH Wedding Barn

DJ: Mac's Mobile Music | Catering: Indy Fresh Catering | Florist: JP Parker Flowers | Bride's Gown: Madison James | Brides Shoes: Kailee P | Grooms Suit: J.M. Haggar | Grooms Shoes: Aston Gray


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