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Rustic Wedding at Laural Mill

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

The weather was incredible. 80 degree weather, a slight breeze, and a clear sky. Katelyn and Jimmy stood at the altar at the Laural Mill. Their parents had just attempted to light the family candles with no avail due to the cool breeze. "It's fine. Everything's fine," Jimmy said after realizing that they were not going to be able to light the unity candle with the family candles. Katelyn and Jimmy looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Their officiant finally handed them a small BIC lighter. They pushed aside the family candles to light the large unity candle that would bind their family together. With Jimmy's hand hilariously resting on Katelyn's lower arm, Katelyn lit the unity candle with the BIC lighter signifying the beginning of their perfectly imperfect marriage.

The entire day was perfect, from the stunning decorations to the delicious cupcakes to the incredible venue. Each table was lined with small wood slabs, eucalyptus, and white flowers in delicate patterned glass. Above the sweetheart table was a ladder holding an assortment of flowers and small vessels with individual flowers. It was like something out of a dream. From beginning to end, Katelyn and Jimmy soaked up their day. They brushed off the imperfections and celebrated the unification of their love for one another.

Katelyn and Jimmy, we LOVED working with you guys. You guys are so down to earth that we spent the day feeling more like friends than your wedding photographers. We loved working with your families and friends and were met with only kindness. We can't wait to watch your marriage grow :)

Check our your sneak peek below!