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Scratch that - let's get married at the lake.

When we met Elizabeth and Daniel, we knew an adventure was coming. And that was B.C. (before COVID). Just a few months later, we received the first email with a wedding date change. Like many of our 2020 couples, we scheduled an elopement in place of an engagement session and a reception later on in the year. The elopement was set to take place in their backyard with their ordained roommate Andy, a laptop on zoom, and maybe the cat if she would behave.

A few weeks later, we received another email. Due to the stay-at-home orders in Indiana and Daniel and Elizabeth spending an increased amount of time at home, a walk from their living room to their backyard to get married wasn't going to cut it. Enter Plan C. (or maybe D?) They would get married on a shore at Lake Monroe that was accessible by kayak only. This is where I would insert a "happy dance" GIF, but fear that would be unprofessional. This was 13 days before their wedding was to take place.

Just two weeks later, Daniel and Elizabeth stood under a giant oak tree on a shore at Lake Monroe. The sun was bright and the sky was an incredible blue decorated with fluffy white clouds. They exchanged vows to each other that they had written themselves while some friends and family watched from kayaks. Elizabeth promised to keep trying new things and Daniel, in addition to some other stuff, promised to never stop trying to impress Elizabeth's cat. As a fellow cat person, those are the very best vows.

Elizabeth and Daniel, thank you for choosing us to photograph your wedding ceremony. It was exactly the adventure we were hoping for. Enjoy your sneak peek below :)


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