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So they both had their moments

I hid in the bushes waiting. It was cold and I was bundled in a big coat, scarf, and hat. Every 20 seconds, I checked my camera settings. All good. Then I scanned the area for my subject. Nothing. A few minutes passed. Finally, I spotted my couple holding hands and coming towards me. I sank behind the bush a little more and raised my camera preparing to grab the perfect shot of the proposal that was about to take place. I smiled as I was transported to 4 years earlier when I was in nearly the exact same position about to photograph the same couple's love.

I met Danielle and Megan 4 years ago when I responded to an IU Classifieds Ad - "couple seeking proposal photographer." Danielle was going to propose to Megan that weekend and their photographer had just canceled. I jumped at the chance to photograph my first proposal. After the proposal, I took their engagement photos around IU's campus. We hit it off and I had the opportunity to serve as their wedding photographer the next year.

Now Megan and Danielle live in Chicago. When Megan reached out a few months ago asking if I would photograph her proposal to Danielle in Chicago, I obviously agreed! When they decided to travel to Bloomington for a football game and a concert, we couldn't resist the opportunity to recreate the moment from 4 years earlier.

After Megan proposed and Danielle said yes, Danielle admitted she had been looking out for me as soon as they started walking around campus that day. She had a feeling that this was going to be her moment. Thankfully she didn't know Kevin just yet and he was able to catch the moment Megan dropped to her knee.

Megan, thank you for coming to us for your special moment. I've loved following your love story and can't wait to photograph your vow renewal!

Danielle, thank you for coming to me the first time. :) I'm so proud of you for becoming YOU! The way you and Megan look at each other warms my heart and I'm so happy you both are happy.

Enjoy your sneak peek below :)

Also because I LOVE transformations, you can find a photo from 4 years ago at the bottom of their sneak peek.



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