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Summer Wedding at The Barn at Timber Ridge

All of the guests at Megan and CJ's wedding gathered outside of The Barn at Timber Ridge. They formed two rows and waited to see the newly married couple off. Megan and CJ held hands as they ran from from the venue between their friends and family. We've photographed a couple of dozen reception send-offs, but this one was different. Their guests weren't throwing rice, or leaves, or confetti, or flower petals - they were throwing tortillas. And because I've had more than a couple of people ask, I believe they were flour tortillas.

According to Yahoo Sports, his tradition actually started three decades ago at Texas Tech University, the school Megan earned her doctorate from just a few months ago. Of off of the reception send-off we've photographed, we will never forget this one.

Megan and CJ, thank you for choosing us as your photographers. I loved working with you at your engagement session and we felt like friends at your wedding. We can't wait to watch your new life in Georgia together!

Enjoy your sneak peek below :)