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The Crystal Coop Summer Wedding

There aren’t many things that can momentarily take the attention off a bride and groom during their wedding ceremony, but a comical and adorable two-year-old running around making the guests laugh most definitely can. While Yulia and Bryce stood at the altar reciting their vows and exchanging rings, their two-year-old son Westyn danced in the attention that he thought was on him. In between vows, Yulia and Bryce watched Westyn with all the love a parent can have. It was definitely a picture-perfect moment for this sweet family.

Yulia and Bryce’s story began on Tinder, like most modern-day romances. In fact, Yulia’s dad made a joke in his speech about how he originally thought Bryce was a tender guy. They spent a few years building their relationship and their adorable family before deciding to get married. As we spent more time together, it’s obvious that their foundation is solid.

Yulia and Bryce, thank you for trusting us to photograph your wedding. You guys have already created such a beautiful life, and we can’t wait to see what your future holds. We wish you all the best in your new chapter as husband and wife.

Enjoy your sneak peek below...

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