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Brittany and Rich's Wedding

Updated: May 19, 2018

After a relaxing trip to Florida and a not so relaxing Gallery opening night, Kevin and I finally got back into the Wedding game for Brittany and Rich's special day.

This wedding was so fun! Brittany and Rich made the entire wedding video game themed. They gave away dice to the guests, they made all of these adorable little centerpieces with video game characters, and Rich's ring even had a spinning number wheel.

We traveled to Martinsville, IN for this wedding. The 30 minute drive felt like nothing at all compared to the 7 hour journey to our last wedding in Pennsylvania. The event was being held at the Art Sanctuary, and artist commune where several local artists have their studios. The building itself is a re-purposed church, so it had some unique architecture and design; perfect backdrops for our photos! We managed to find a gem in the town called the Martinsville City Park as well. We were able to get some great shots of the entire wedding party here.

Make sure to check out the preview from this one of a kind wedding below!



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