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Wedding at Indiana Roof Ballroom

The ceremony had begun in the historic Indiana Roof Ballroom. Pair by pair, the wedding party would make the long walk down the aisle. Ryan stood center stage. The powerful stage lights beamed brightly upon him as he excitedly waited for his bride. As the adorable troops of flower girls and ring bearers wrapped up their duties, the entire crowd rose to their feet. The music seemed to fade away as Taylor strode forward down the aisle, as confident and beautiful as ever. Everything had come together perfectly.

Photographing this wedding was quite personal to me. Not only because my very own sister, Emily, was the maid of honor, but also because I also grew up with Taylor as Emily's partner in crime. It’s been so heartwarming to see her grow from a dorky teen to an extraordinary woman. Ryan is a perfect match for her seeing as he is an equally extraordinary man.

Taylor and Ryan, thank you so much for trusting us to capture such a truly special day. We know times are tough, and it wasn’t easy planning a wedding around a pandemic. However, you two made some magic happen. You brought joy into our lives and many others. For this, we are truly grateful.

Enjoy your sneak peek below :)