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Welcome to the world, Maeve Renae

It's only been a month since my last session with Ryan and Kelci, and since then they've had a big change - Maeve Renae was born! Which means double the bows, double the pink, and double the love. She's the perfect little addition to their family.

Seeing as her big sister cried for every one of her photo sessions until she was almost two years-old, Maeve is right on track. Most of her sweetest photos were taken when she was asleep - just like her sister. Now Big Sis Miera and I are buddies and it's so cute that it was almost worth the wait.

Kelci, love you girl. And Ryan and your babies. I can't wait to watch this little one grow up and Miera become a protective big sis.

Enjoy your sneak peek below :)


Watch them grow:

Maeve's Maternity Session

Miera's 1-year session

Miera's 9-month session

Miera's 6-month session

Miera's 3-month session

Miera's Winter Maternity Session

Miera's Lifestyle Maternity Session

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