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White Diamond Lavender Farm Fall Wedding

He stood alone in the very center of the White Diamond Lavender Farms' barn directly under a gorgeous chandelier. Their closest friends had stationed themselves around the edges of the large room anxiously waiting. Danni quietly snuck out of the bridal suite. Giggling, she carefully approached Ethan as he faced away from her. For the first time on their wedding day, Ethan was about to see his beautiful bride. In her gorgeous white gown, she gently tapped his shoulder. He slowly spun around and their eyes met. Their faces lit up and instinctively they leaned in for a kiss. At the last minute, they stopped and decided to save their first wedding day kiss for when they were officially Mr. and Mrs. Instead they settled for Eskimo kisses which made for an adorable display of affection throughout their wedding day.

We loved working with Danni and Ethan from the moment we saw them crossing the street for their engagement session, glowing in love and dressed in Danni's signature purple. From the first time we met Danni and Ethan, they have made us feel like friends. It's obvious they value their friends and family, and the heartfelt toasts received by their wedding party from Danni and Ethan solidified this and left everyone shedding tears of joy.

Danni and Ethan, thank you so much for allowing us to serve you on this special day! You made us feel so welcome every step of the way. We are so happy to see you two finally tie the knot and we can’t wait to share all the dreamy photos with you. It was a great experience for all of us, but especially for our new intern, Tess! We can't wait to watch your marriage grow.

Check out your sneak peek below :)