meet the team

Hey there!

Our names are Grace and Kevin and we make up GS Photos. We met on a college indoor soccer team at Indiana University. Kevin did a lot of playing and I did a lot of cheerleading on the sidelines. Kevin was drawn to my lack of athletic ability, asked to grab a coffee, and we started dating shortly after. We currently live in Bloomington with our cats and various houseplants. We love to travel and have begun photographing destination weddings! Our home is filled with photos, but our favorite is the five-foot-long panorama that we took on a hike into the Grand Canyon.


Kevin and I strive to provide a unique photography experience. We live by The Golden Rule and want your photography experience to be one that we would love if it were us. We’re not kidding when we say that we will be one of your easiest vendors to work with - we’ll end up being more like your friends than your photographers. 


Our promise to you is to be easy to reach, fast to respond, and to serve you with all of our ability during your GS Photos experience.

Grace & Kevin

6'2" Teddy Bear

Movie Buff

Watches soccer religiously.

(Go Chelsea!)

Plant Obsessed.

Animal lover.

Fuelled by iced coffee, cashews, and tiny things.