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IU Health Birth

Garric pulled Garrison onto his lap and sat down on the bed next to Mandy. Jack Johnson played softly over a speaker as Mandy nursed the newest member of their family, Gibson. He was wrapped in a white blanket that had pink and blue stripes. A matching cap covered his soft brown hair.

"Gibson's not in your tummy anymore," three year old Garrison exclaimed as he pointed to Gibson's tiny head.

An hour earlier Garrison was dancing around the delivery room in a grey "Big Brother" T-Shirt in anticipation. Now he sat calmly on his daddy's lap, watching his new brother. Mandy and Garric locked eyes over Garrison's head and smiled. Together they started singing Happy Birthday to Gibson.

Mandy and Garric, thank you for trusting me to photograph the birth of your second baby. Your love for one another and your family left me feeling warm and fuzzy. It was a pleasure to document your birth journey.

Happy Birthday, Gibson.



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