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A Rustic Wedding to Remember at Donkeytown

Love truly knows no bounds, and it is beautifully exemplified through the unique and memorable wedding of Beth and Rob. As they gathered their closest friends and family at Donkeytown at Turner Farms, their special day promised to be nothing short of extraordinary. From the charming donkeys adding their own soundtrack to the ceremony, to the unconventional elements scattered throughout the festivities, every detail reflected the couple's journey and personality.

After a decade of love and commitment, Beth and Rob finally tied the knot. The couple's engagement at Oliver Winery, a place near to their hearts, set the stage for their journey into marriage. Wines by Oliver Winery even made an appearance on their wedding day and were placed at each table during the reception.

Breaking free from tradition, the couple opted for private vows during their first look. This heartfelt moment allowed them to express their deepest emotions in an intimate setting and reconnect before they walked down the aisle. In another fun twist on a classic, the couple traded the cutting of the wedding cake in favor of cracking creme brulee, a delightful surprise for their guests, and marking the beginning of their sweet journey as a married couple

Beth's passion for DIY projects shone through as she poured her artistic talents into various aspects of their wedding. From stunning handmade pocket square boutonnieres and decorations to a temporary tattoo bar at their reception, these unconventional additions added an unique and charming atmosphere to the celebrations.

From beginning to end, it was a celebration that will be forever etched in the memories of their loved ones—a day filled with love, laughter, and the delightful surprises that make life truly remarkable.

Beth and Rob, thank you for trusting my team to document your special day. It sure was a memorable one.

Enjoy some of my favorite images from the day:

The Creative Team


Second Photographer: Tess Flynn



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