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The FAR Center for Contemporary Art: The Perfect Venue for a Love Story

They met online and had their first date at a local bar. From that moment on, their love story began to bloom. Mark and Melanie, a couple full of laughter, love, and a hint of silliness, knew from the start that their wedding day had to be special. And when they discovered the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts, they knew they had found the perfect venue to bring their dream to life.

One of the standout features of the FAR is its artistic ambiance. With historic-meets-modern architecture and contemporary art installations, this venue adds a unique touch to your wedding festivities. The friendly staff at FAR Weddings are dedicated to ensuring your day is flawless, providing top-notch service and attention to detail. I arrived early, before the couple even, and was blown away by how accommodating the staff was. This venue is special, and the couple was even more so.

Before they said "I do," Mark and Melanie had a unique way of starting their wedding day. They both have a passion for fitness, so they decided to run a 5K together in the morning. It was an intimate moment shared between the two of them, a way to calm their nerves and remind themselves of the strength and commitment they had for each other. Never in my decade of wedding photography have I had a couple run a 5K the morning of their wedding.

Instead of table numbers, there were cards representing some of the most important and special places in their lives. Their houseplants and books from their home were the majority of their decorations. Many of the houseplants had notes that said “Take me home as a favor!” Again, a unique touch I have never seen before.

As they said “I do,” their adult children stood at their sides beaming with pride and happiness. In the audience were their closest friends and family members who had come from far and wide to witness this special moment. It was a day that they would all remember for the rest of their lives, and I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of it.

Mark and Melanie, thank you for trusting me to document your wedding day. My heart is full.

Check out a few favorites from their special day.


The Creative Team


Florist: Bloom in Love

Bride's Hair and Makeup: Black Swan Beauty



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