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Winter Wedding at The Barn at Timber Ridge

The head table in The Barn at Timber Ridge was as elegantly decorated as the bride and groom on this special January day. Between the hand-cut flower arrangements and the candle lantern at the center of the table sat a little green Buddha. To a passerby, this might seem out of place. But in reality, this little statue was a whimsical representation of trust, companionship, and love. The things that Josh and Hilary share with each other to make their relationship so special.

The story of the little green Buddha began long before the statue ended up on the head table at their wedding. During their wedding planning, Hilary asked Josh for his opinion on something. He sort of jokingly responded something along the lines of, “I don’t even care if there’s a little green Buddha on the head table!”

And so there sat a little green Buddha on the head table waiting to surprise him.

This story will stick with us forever. These two compliment each other so well, it’s obvious that they are meant to be together. Every time we’ve met with them, they exude a cool and confident sort of love that’s simply infectious. From their cold and rainy engagement session to their literally freezing couples session on their wedding day, they always had sweet smiles for each other.

Josh and Hilary, thank you so much for allowing us to serve you on your wedding day. This is a day you will never forget, and we are so happy to have captured some of the best moments from the day for you. We know that the wedding planning got stressful at times, but we would have never known. Everything that day was absolutely amazing, I don’t think either of us stopped smiling. We want to wish you both the best as you begin this wonderful new journey called marriage.

Check out some of our favorite photos from the day below in our wedding preview!

P.S. We want to say a special thank you to Mike, Sandi, and the rest of the staff at The Barn at Timber Ridge for your support throughout the day. Especially helping us to escape the blizzard!



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