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Brown County Cabin in the Woods Engagement

Down the road, off the beaten path, and up a gravel driveway into tall and dense woods there sits a cabin. Peacefulness came easily in this secluded house in the hills. Wind rustled the leaves as birds sang a beautiful melody far above. The warm sun peeked through the canopy ever so slightly, leaving patches of warm light scattered around the property. Jenny and Kyle chose this place to get away and take a break with their dogs Daisy and Forest. What a great choice it was.

We met Jenny a few months ago at one of our favorite coffee joints in Bloomington, Hopscotch. She found us through this very blog! After finding one our posts and looking at the pictures, she reached out to us. Grace and I are so excited to spend some more time with Jenny and Kyle at their wedding because of it!

This past weekend, we met them at their cabin in Brown County for their engagement photos. Though we showed up at 10 AM, when we are usually still fast asleep, Jenny and Kyle were dressed up and ready to go! As soon as we got started, we were thrilled with how stunning the photos were. To top it all off, we got to play with some of the sweetest dogs around! It’s always nice to get our dog fix in during sessions before we go back to our little horde of cats…

Jenny and Kyle, thank you so much for being such awesome clients. We think it’s so awesome that you made a weekend out of your session and spent the night in that awesome little cabin. Grace and I definitely need to stay there sometime soon. You both put so much effort into the session, and it shows in the photos. We are so thrilled that we were able to connect and we can’t wait to see you again on your special day!

Check out the preview photos from your session below!




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