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CASA event at the Garment Factory

The atmosphere in the dining hall of the Garment Factory began to lull as the attendees finished their meals. The light from the setting sun poured over the dining tables as the mouth-watering scents originating from the buffet table wafted throughout the room. Everyone had gathered here for a very important celebration. A Celebration of Court Appointed Special Advocates for children (CASA) of Johnson County. So few have heard of this organization, and so few understand just how deserved this celebration was.

CASA is an organization that advocates for children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

According to CASA, “each year in the United States, children are abused, neglected or abandoned by their families. They are removed from their homes and placed in foster care or institutions. Eventually, they end up in court. Their only "crime" is that they have been victims. It is up to the judge to decide their future.”

CASA volunteers stand beside these children during some of their toughest times. They are there to provide support for the child and serve as them navigate the legal system so they are not forgotten and never fall through the cracks.

These volunteers are just like you and I. Most of them work full time and volunteer on top of their day jobs. While some people may relax and simply enjoy their free time, these volunteers are actively changing lives.

To the CASA Volunteers and all who work alongside them, thank you for all that you do. Your dedication to this cause is inspirational and you will without a doubt change the course of many children’s lives for years to come.

To Tammi, thank you so much for the opportunity to play a role in this event. It was truly heartwarming to attend and learn more about the invaluable services CASA provides.

Here are some of our favorite photos from this celebration.




Inspirational Speaker: Shawn Harper

Venue: The Garment Factory in Franklin, Indiana

Catering: Richard Goss of The Garment Factory | Florist: JP Parker Flowers | Cupcakes: Bonnie's Custom Baked Goods


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