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Late Fall Creek Engagement

The water in the creek ran by and the sound of shallow falls could be heard in the distance. They held each other close for warmth. It wasn’t just a beautiful pose for a photo, it was a necessity on this cold fall day. They held still for a minute, shivering, then giggled and kissed as though there was no better place to be than where they were right then. At a creek, under a bridge, and in the cold with no coats.

We met Beka and Daniel on a similar cold fall day a few weeks ago at Starbucks. They had heard about us from one of our previous clients, Taylor, which made us all giddy with excitement. We talked for a while about them, then about us, and finally about their big move to Oklahoma coming up oh so soon. Much like Grace and I, they are at a transitional point in their lives and in their relationship. We connected with them instantly.

We love the sense of adventure these two have. As I always tell our clients, we only have one rule; No falling during a GS Photos session. This usually rules out any difficult hikes or precarious posing. I was overruled on this shoot though. We hiked through the mud down into a creek for a stunning backdrop. They later posed on some sketchy-looking logs with no hesitation. Who knows what we will do on their wedding day?

Daniel and Beka, thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers. We know we haven’t spent a whole lot of time together yet, but we can’t wait to get to know you even better. The attitude you both brought to your engagement session was awesome, and we hope you guys didn’t freeze too bad... We cannot wait to photograph your special day next year!




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