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Finn goes to the lake

Meet Finn.

Finn is a now two year old cat that we've had since he was little bitty. He's a total punk.

He eats plastic (which he then throws up), he steals hair ties, and he knocks shit off the table while HOLDING EYE CONTACT WITH YOU. He is incredibly stinky and drools when you pet him. He sucks.

The worst part of Finn is that he's also the sweetest cat in the world and gives the best head boops so you can't stay mad at him when he scoots your cup of water off your nightstand... at 3 in the morning... for the hundredth time.

Finn loves the outdoors and got to experience Griffy Lake earlier this week. He wailed the entire 15 minute car ride to the lake - and I do mean wailed. Once we got there, he loved it. He chased spiders, rolled in dirt, and tried to back out of his harness. Check out the photos. What a punk.


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