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Golden Hour Holliday Park Engagement

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

A year ago, we were both college students. Our days were filled with long treks to and from campus, homework, and time with some of the greatest people we have ever met. While we had big dreams of doing photography full-time, we had no idea how rewarding it would end up being. Now, our days are spent meeting new and unique people from across the state during some of the most exciting times in their lives. Recently, Jessica and Jason drove all the way from Broad Ripple to meet us in Bloomington at one of our favorite coffee shops, The Inkwell Bakery and Cafe. We had never really met before, but we ended up talking and sipping coffee for well over an hour. The time flew by. Afterwards, we couldn’t wait to meet again for their engagement session at Holliday Park.


We got to know these “clients” as people; as friends.


They blew us away. A combination of the perfect outfits, the perfect location, and the perfect sunlight all contributed to what has been one of our favorite engagement sessions ever! On top of that, Jessica and Jason took us out to eat at BurgerFuel and led us on a tour of Broad Ripple. We capped the night off with cocktails from the Open Society Public House. Talk about the royal treatment! We learned all about Jessica’s job as a flight attendant and Jason’s job as a pilot - (They’re a match made in heaven, right? ) - as well as the challenges that come with those professions. We learned about their bachelor and bachelorette party plans. We learned about their relationship. In short, we got to know these “clients” as people; as friends.

Jessica and Jason, the reason we love this business so much is because of clients like the two of you. We can’t wait for your wedding this spring. We are giddy just thinking about it. Not only because of the amazing photos we will capture for you, but because we know the both of you better now. We can’t wait to celebrate your love for each other and your new life together along with the rest of your family and friends. Thank you both, from the bottom of our hearts, for trusting us to serve you on such a special day.

Here’s to more good memories and more good photos together. Below you can find some of our favorite photos from your phenomenal engagement session.


Holliday Park 1

Holliday Park 2

Holliday Park 3

Holliday Park 4

Holliday Park 5

Holliday Park 6

Holliday Park 7

Holliday Park 8

Holliday Park 9

Holliday Park 10

Holliday Park 11

Holliday Park 12

Holliday Park 13

Holliday Park 14

Holliday Park 15

Holliday Park 16

Holliday Park 17

Holliday Park 18

Holliday Park 19

Holliday Park 20

Holliday Park 21

Holliday Park 22



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