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Griffy Lake Engagement

We knew we would like Andy and Mandy from the moment we spoke with Mandy on the phone. They live in Colorado, our new favorite place after visiting last year. They do everything adventurous there is to do. Mountain Biking, trail running, the Peace Corps, Camping the week leading up to their Wedding, and the list goes on and on. How could this couple be any cooler you might ask? Only when they bring their perfect dog named Zev with them to their Griffy Lake engagement shoot of course!

Even though each and everyone of us were sweating out in the heat of the early September evening, we managed to have a great time during this engagement shoot. Andy and Mandy were relaxed and easy to work with. Zev sat with them nearly the whole shoot, making adorable cameos in most of our signature poses. It felt more like going on a slow hike with friends than working.

Andy and Mandy, thank you for choosing us as your photographers. We know that it is a big leap of faith to hire a photographer across the country to photograph such a special occasion. We are honored to serve you both and help capture the memories that will last you a lifetime. You hired us as we were beginning this business full time and we are so excited to show you how much we have grown in a few short days. We can’t wait to see you again on your Wedding day!

Below are some of our favorites from your engagement shoot, we are working hard to finish the rest for you soon.



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