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Griffy Lake Sunset Engagement Session

The gravel crunched under the tires of our trusty Honda Civic as we rolled into the parking lot at Griffy Lake. With only an hour or so until sunset, the lighting was perfect for an outdoor photo shoot. We barely made it on time (as always…) and we were happy to be met with smiles by Andrew and Alyssa who had been waiting for us on a bench by the shore. After chatting for a bit, it became clear that the session was going to be a good one.


"It was sort of an accident"


I asked how they met. Alyssa responded, “It was sort of an accident”. This is not the usual answer, and my eyebrow raised as I prodded her for the rest of the story. It turned out she had accidentally added Andrew on Facebook and he had accepted the request! That’s how it all began. Such a small moment, and accidental click of the mouse, changed the entire course of their life. Little did they know they would become engaged. Little did they know that they would become pregnant with a little girl. Two separate lives became so intertwined in such a heartwarming way. In just a few short months, we are lucky to have the opportunity to photograph a very special day for this family.

Alyssa and Andrew, we are so excited to be a part of your life during such an eventful time. First of all, your wedding day sounds like it will be spectacular. It’s always thrilling to capture all of the details that go into a wedding day, but Zelda themed decorations will make it so unique. We’ve never photographed a sword at a wedding, but we can’t wait to get one in front of our lenses at yours. By this time though, you will also be a mother and father. It will be an honor meet little Arabella and to get some adorable photos of her wearing her tiny white and gold dress. Thanks again for choosing us as your photographers, take a look at some of the highlights from your engagement session below!






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