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Hello and Welcome!

Hi, guys! I'm getting a bunch of new clients and followers this year, so I thought I'd introduce myself!

I'm Grace, owner of Grace Schafstall Photography. In January I became a full time photographer and hit the ground running! My boyfriend, Kevin, joined my team as my second shooter and business manager and together we re-branded and launched my new website! (If you've ever tried to spell my last name, you'd understand the need for this change.) :)

Kevin came into my life two years ago and recently found a love for my passion. I let him second shoot alongside me at a wedding a few months ago and never turned back. His style is so incredibly complementary to mine that I feel that we have a truly unique package to offer our clients.

Here's Kevin.

Going from a full time student to a full time photographer was scary, but my growing audience is encouraging!!

Thanks for reading! I'm so happy to have so many amazing clients!


Grace . . .



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