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Indiana University Campus Engagement

Earlier this year, we made a decision to give away a free wedding collection. It was a huge leap of faith for us, and we weren’t sure if we would end up regretting it down the road. But instead of worrying, we simply hoped for the best and published the giveaway.

Flash forward to this weekend. We finally got a chance to meet our lucky winners in person for their engagement session. Collin and Kaitlynn blew us away. Their session was better than we could have ever imagined. These two were so naturally photogenic and giggled for every shot during the hour long session. For those of you who have worked with us before, you know this is a serious ab workout!

Their outfits were stunning and their personalities were delightful. We learned all about their relationship together, and our hearts melted. These two were high school sweethearts who have stuck together through college at Indiana University. You don’t hear about relationships like that every day!

They told us all about Collins romantic surprise proposal to Kaitlynn. How he had planned it all out before hand and snuck away for “dinner with a friend”. Instead of going to dinner, he went to the famous Showalter Fountain and carefully lined the steps with candles. Having a friend bring Kaitlynn on a walk, he intercepted them and asked the love of his life to marry him. How sweet is that??

Kaitlynn and Collin, thank you so much for taking this leap of faith with us. We are so happy that we were able to connect with you both by the luck of the draw. You are such an adorable couple and we thoroughly enjoyed spending an evening talking with you. We could see the love you share for each other. A love that every couple longs to have after many years in a relationship. In a way, Grace and I are the winners for being able to photograph you. We can’t wait until your wedding next year!

Below you can find some of our favorite photos from your session!




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