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Indiana University Engagement

They shivered as they stood under the large trees that were decorated with beautiful gold and brown leaves. They gazed into each other’s eyes and did not move. Softly, they both began to giggle. He leaned in towards her. Slowly, methodically, and beautifully, they kissed. This is how they mastered a signature pose: The Giggle Kiss. Oren and Laura knew they wanted engagement photos before their wedding and found us to be a good fit, but we aren’t sure if they knew what they were getting into!

We explained to Oren and Laura that most of our poses tend to feel awkward, but they look really good for pictures. Our motto has always been: Feels Weird, Looks Great! After this initial warning and a little bit of practice, they totally embraced our motto. They followed all of our instructions and added their own creative spark as well! It was seriously like working with professional models. They blew us away. We walked all around campus, talking and taking pictures.

Laura and Oren, thank you so much for choosing us to take your Engagement photos. It’s the highest compliment when someone researches photographers online and ends up choosing us! We loved meeting you both and learning you both as people and as a couple.e think you are both awesome and can’t wait to follow your Seattle wedding on social media.




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