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Lifestyle Maternity Session

Jenn sat back in the plush grey rocking chair in the corner of the nursery. She rubbed her belly as we talked about how her baby girl was expected to arrive in just a few weeks. Surrounding us was the nursery, already decorated with books and stuffed animals in preparation for the newest member of their family. Tyler had a spring in his step as he moved throughout their house putting away little outfits, diapers, and toys from their baby shower the previous day. He was obviously excited to take on the role as "Dad."

Jenn smiled as she felt her baby move.

"Can I feel her?" I asked.

Jenn nodded and I put my hand over the top of her belly. Sure enough a little bump was pushing against her skin. Earlier Jenn had showed me their most recent ultrasound photos. She had pointed out little fingers and toes excitedly. The final photo was 4D. It was their baby girl's face sitting on top of her little arms. Adorable chubby cheeks were clearly visible. The bump moved against my hand. I imagined those precious chubby cheeks stretching out against her womb and I couldn't help but smile too.

Jenn and Tyler, thank you for always trusting me with your milestones. I can hardly believe it was nearly three years ago when we met for your engagement session. I have loved watching both of you grow as friends, partners, and now parents. I am so blessed to be able to capture your pregnancy journey and can hardly wait to photograph your baby girl's arrival next month.

Enjoy your sneak peek below :)



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