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Columbus, IN Birth Announcement

Jenn was a bridesmaid in one of my 2015 weddings. We hit it off and when she got engaged later that year, she contacted me about photographing her wedding! I love the friendships that build with my clients when we get to work together multiple time and I am so thankful for my friendship with Jenn!

Here is a little throw back from their engagement session and wedding <3

We had an amazing engagement session and their wedding was stunning. When Jenn contacted me a few weeks ago for a 2 year anniversary session, I was so excited to photograph them again!

Kevin and I met them at one of our favorite parks. We were thrilled to learn they brought their puppy, Walter. Kevin and I LOVE when our clients bring their pets and Walter was absolutely adorable!! He even had a little head tilt that he did at me when I clicked the camera.

When Jenn said she had a surprise for me and pulled out two little blue booties, my jaw dropped. My first thought was, "omg she got Walter booties" and then "but she only has two." Then it clicked. She was PREGNANT!!

We quickly turned their anniversary session into a birth announcement!! Check out some of our favorites below!



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