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Luke, 2019 FCHS Senior

It was Friday night. Lights illuminated the crowded football field as Luke walked by. He was headed to the baseball field, the place where he had made a name for himself. He smiled and relaxed as he entered the dugout. This was home. Though it was football season at the time, the crowds would soon be cheering for him and the rest of the Franklin Community High School baseball team.

We were fortunate to capture Luke in his element. He is a seasoned baseball player heading to Purdue University Fort Wayne next year to play Shortstop. It was awesome to take photos of him in action on the field. Off the field, Luke is a true fisherman. He has a pond on his property surrounded by beautiful woods he uses for fishing. For our sake, he hopped in the boat and took it out on the lake for some really unique senior photos!

Carrie and Travis, thank you so much for trusting us and helping us with Luke’s Senior Photos. We don’t do this type of photoshoot very often, but we had a blast working with you all. It was heartwarming seeing the effort both of you put in to make Luke’s photos perfect.

Luke, thank you especially for working with us. We could really see the love you have for baseball and we are so happy you can push yourself farther in the years to come at PFW. We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your Senior year!



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