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From IU Bloomington to IU of Pennsylvania

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Last weekend Kevin and I traveled to Indiana, Pennsylvania to photograph our first 2018 wedding! While we don't usually travel for weddings, we definitely love to when we get the chance. Kevin and I have done quite a few road trips in the past so we knew how to make it fun; This wasn't our first rodeo.

After seven hours of listening to a podcast called Serial (I would totally recommend this podcast even if you aren't stuck in a car), we arrived in Pennsylvania just in time for the rehearsal dinner.

We scoped out the venue and then we feasted at a local restaurant called Benjamin's. Their pizza was divine. With our bellies stuffed and our energy drained, we headed to our airbnb. The photos say it all, but this little duplex nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania was definitely one of the highlights of the trips.

Though there was snow on the ground the morning of Dale and Tessie's wedding day, the afternoon brought sunlight that photographers dream of. Make sure to check out the Photos from Dale and Tessie's Wedding!


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