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Self Portrait

One of my resolutions for 2018 was to spend more time loving myself so I went WAY out of my comfort zone and joined a Self Portrait Class taught by the amazing Cindy Johnson. Here's the link to her website:

Cindy was actually my inspiration to add boudoir photography to my wedding and portrait photography business, and it is an honor to learn from her.

I completed week 1 today and oh boy oh boy oh boy. The assignment was to make a collage of at least 4 photos showing what we love about our bodies. I have never in my life taken a professional self portrait or used a tripod or used a remote shutter - and it was really hard. But it was really liberating to be able to put my signature professional look on images of me and love how they turned out. I learned what exactly makes me look good and what looks give me crazy eyes. The only complaint worth mentioning was how freaking hard and long it took me to get into the damn lingerie piece. I totally empathize with my boudoir clients, but it was worth the frustration :)

I was terrified that I would hate all of the photos, and ended up taking about 200. After going through them, straightening and cropping, I ended up with 7 images. I opened my final images in Photoshop to cover blemishes and add cosmetic alterations, and then changed my mind. I don't alter my clients in any way unless they specially request it so why would I do that? I closed out of photoshop and only added the dark matte look that reflects my photography style.

I am so thankful that Cindy had us do this assignment. I've put it off for two weeks now and it was just the self love challenge that I needed.

So here goes: my smile, my boobs, my shoulder blades, my fingernails, my curves, my glasses, and my tattoos.



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