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Blake and Anna

I met Anna through Facebook. I didn't know much about her or Blake, but they seemed incredibly sweet. We booked about a year in advance and I had been emailing Anna for the months leading up to the wedding.

I spent 8 hours with Anna and Blake on their wedding day and I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never seen such love and compassion inside a joined by marriage family. It was as if their families had always been merged. Blake's parents loved Anna's parents, and Anna's parents love Blake's parents. I was immediately welcomed into the family, which is always nice as a photographer because you get an inside look at the special moments that happen when your clients and their families aren't smiling for the camera.

Before Anna walked down the aisle, I did photos of her and Blake's families. Blake's father asked me if he could kiss his mother because "it would be the first kiss" he got that day with the chaos of the wedding. I couldn't help but smile at the way he looked at his wife.

The rest of the day went flawlessly, with the exception of a minor fire alarm incident in the middle of the ceremony. Blake and Anna's colors were beautiful. Their reception was held at the Masonic Home in Franklin, IN. I hadn't shot at the Masonic Home before, but the landscaping was perfectly manicured. The girls heels kept sinking in the grass (sorry, maintenance people), but the area was shaded providing perfect light for photos. Such an amazing day with amazing people and amazing colors :)



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